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Home care services

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What are home care services?

Following an evaluation, home care services are offered to individuals with temporary or permanent impairments. These individuals include:

  • seniors;
  • people with disabilities;
  • people in recovery;
  • people with AIDS;
  • people with a chronic disease; and
  • people needing end-of-life care.

These services, which can include medical, nursing, psychosocial, rehabilitation, nutrition and domestic services, as well as palliative care, bereavement support, caregiver services and referrals to residential resources, are intended to shorten or avoid hospitalizations, make it easier to return home after an illness or surgery and give people the opportunity to live at home as long as possible. 

Caregivers and support groups

The purpose of caregiver support services is to give families and caregivers the help they need to care for a person with a disability or functional limitation.

They include sitting or temporary accommodation for a disabled person, help with managing physical activities, accompaniment, etc.

Interested caregivers can also attend a series of meetings facilitated by a professional where they learn ways to improve their personal and family well-being. The meetings are an opportunity for caregivers to share their experiences and find solutions that are appropriate to their circumstances.

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