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Website terms and conditions of use

Website terms and conditions of use


The Santé Montréal Portal is a repository of information on the services and resources of the Montreal health and social service network. It is intended for personal rather than commercial use.

The information posted on this site is intended for the general public, reliable, provided strictly for informative purposes, and updated as regularly as possible. However, the site makes no claim of being error-free.

The information accessed through the portal is in no way a substitute for diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and follow-up by a health professional. If you need assistance or additional information, please see your doctor or call the health and social service centre in the area where you live. In the event of an emergency, call 911or go to the nearest hospital.

The Santé Montréal Portal cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any interpretation of the information posted on this site. Given that the site provides information, not medical advice, the site's administrators will not respond by e-mail to any questions about someone's personal state of health.

The information posted on the Santé Montréal Portal may be copied, reproduced, redistributed or published, in its original form or with modifications, provided that the source is mentioned or a link to the source is included.


No employee of the Montréal health and social service network or administrator of the Santé Montréal Portal may be held liable for any information posted on the site, any hyperlinks leading to it or any other actions taken subsequent to reading any of the information on the site.


The Santé Montréal Portal reserves the right to change the text of any comments and suggestions it receives, without changing the meaning. All comments and suggestion become the property of the Santé Montréal Portal and may be published elsewhere than on its website.


The Santé Montréal Portal does not endorse any products, services, sites, brands or companies. Although the site may refer to certain products, services, sites, brands or companies, this in no way constitutes a recommendation on the part of the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal.

The Santé Montréal Portal's confidentiality policy and its terms and conditions of use cease to apply when a user clicks on a hyperlink and leaves the site.


This site is funded by the the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal. As such, it does not accept any "advertising" other than messages from Québec Government ministries and organizations.


Cookies are small text files that are saved on the hard drives of people who visit the Santé Montréal Portal site. The purpose of these files is to identify the browser or operating system, the URL path; the time spent visiting each page, etc. This information is used for statistical purposes and cannot be traced to the identity of an Internet user. Cookies are not dangerous, because they cannot access or transmit data that is stored on your computer's hard drive. The cookies of the Santé Montréal Portal use their "intelligence" to assist Internet users by storing their page display and language preferences and suggesting relevant information based on the sites they visit. Internet users can turn their cookies off at any time, but the site will no longer remember them if they do.

Health problem? Make the right choice!

  1. 1


    Call 8-1-1 to talk
    to a nurse

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    Call your doctor
    or a walk-in clinic

  3. 3


    Go to the hospital
    or call 9-1-1