Santé Montréal

Montréal's health network

The Santé Montréal portal is designed to assist users in locating and accessing health and social services and finding more detailed information on websites of interest throughout Montréal's health and social services network. 

More specifically, the portal's purpose is:

  • to make it easier for Montrealers to get information on their health and social services and to access the services themselves; and
  • to bring together in one place all things related to health in the Montreal region (employment opportunities, health and social services institutions, available services, important news on health and social services in Montréal and elsewhere in Québec, etc.).

The Santé Montréal portal's function is essentially informative. Its content and that of the sites it references are updated regularly to make sure that the information we give Internet users is current and reliable.

Please note that the information on the Santé Montréal portal does not reflect the health network's current structure as defined in the Act to Modify the Organization and Governance of the Health and Social Services Network, in Particular by Abolishing the Regional Agencies, which came into force on 1 April 2015. The portal is being progressively updated.