Santé Montréal

Publication - Description

Titre:  2014 Report of the director of Public Health, for a tobacco-free generation : smoke-free Montreal

2015 | 57 p. pages

Auteur(s) : Richard Massé, Marie Jacques, Karima Hallouche, Mireille Gaudreau, André Gervais


In this report, the director of Public Health and his partners from the "Montréal sans tabac" network present 41 recommendations to speed up tobacco control efforts, reduce social inequalities in health and better protect non-smokers. The recommendations focus on reviewing the Tobacco Act as well as on taxes and funding, public policy, initiatives targeting vulnerable populations, the continnum of care and services, and e-cigarettes.

The report outlines the latest data on smoking and e-cigarette use in montreal, and describes signature initiatives implemented by partner organizations. the 41 recommendations provide means to combat social inequalities in health so that Montreal can be one of the most dynamic cities in the field of tobacco control.


Sujet(s) traité(s) : Tabagisme

ISBN 978-2-89673-482-5 ( version PDF )