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Publication - Description

Titre:  Second generation HIV surveillance in Montréal communities from Sub-Saharan Africa and the English-speaking Caribbean

2017 | 126 pages

Auteur(s) : Aïssatou Fall, Alix Adrien, Pascale Leclerc, Joseph Cox


People from countries where HIV is endemic are particularly vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, we have little information to develop appropriate interventions. 

This surveillance project, conducted on the island of Montreal between June 2013 and February 2014, is a cross sectional anonymous and voluntary behavioral and biological survey, conducted among Montreal communities from Africa and sub-Saharan English-speaking  Caribbean. 

The objectives of this survey were to describe the prevalence of HIV and other STIs and identify associated risk behaviors. This survey is the first to offer a characterization of the HIV in these communities. The participation rate was impressive : the survey reached 1602 participants.

This report provides important information for the development of policies, programs and interventions to prevent and control HIV infection and other STIs among Montrealers from Africa and sub-Saharan English-speaking Caribbean.

ISBN 978-2550-77128-9 ( version PDF )