Santé Montréal

Publication - Description

Titre:  The health of aboriginal populations in Montréal : produced by Direction régionale de santé Publique de Montréal

2020 | 52 pages

Auteur(s) : Maude Landry et collaborateurs


The mission of Montréal’s regional public health department is to improve the health and well-being of Montrealers while reducing observable health inequalities in the population. As such, the public health department was spured into action by the ndings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which recommended in 2012 to identify and close the gaps in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

With this health profile, the public health department wants to move forward and answer the TRC’s call to action. Although currently available information does not allow us to present a complete picture, it is enough to con rm a link between the state of health of Aboriginal people and social inequalities that persist between this population and non-Aboriginal groups.

This document aims to enhance Montrealers’ awareness of the presence of Aboriginal people in the city, and to act as a rst step in creating a space for discussion and collaboration around the topic of health promotion and aboriginal people.

ISBN 978-2-550-85877-5 ( version PDF )