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Dental health

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When to Consult

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Protection and prevention

See your dentist regularly

Dentists and dental hygienists play an important role in preventing dental disease by:

  • detecting minor problems before they get worse;
  • cleaning your teeth to remove the tartar that causes gum disease;
  • giving you advice on how to prevent oral health problems (eating habits, brushing your teeth, using fluoride, etc.);
  • performing procedures to protect your teeth, such as applying fluoride or a dental sealant.

How frequently you should go depends on your risk of tooth decay, tartar buildup, gum problems, etc. Every case is unique. Ask your dentist how often you should have your teeth checked.

How to prevent caries in children

You should normally arrange for your child's first visit to the dentist between the ages of 1 and 3. The purpose of this visit is two-fold:

  • the dentist can diagnose any abnormal conditions as early as possible; and
  • the child can get used to being in a dental clinic environment.

The importance of having your child seen by a dentist cannot be overstated. The dentist and dental hygienist will help your child improve his or her brushing technique, do any fluoride applications needed and, if necessary, apply a protective dental sealant. The dentist can also detect potential orthodontic problems (malocclusions) and discuss the treatment options with you. Last but certainly not least, the dentist will give you all the advice you need to take good care of your child's teeth.

The Régie de l'assurance-maladie du Québec covers certain oral health treatments for children up to the age of nine.

Visit the Oral Health section on the Health Canada website for more information.

Where can you find additional, credible information? 


Ordre des Dentistes du Québec (in French only)
Canadian Dental Association  
Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec (in French only)
McGill Faculty of Dentistry

General public
World Health Organization – Oral Health
International Dental Health Foundation

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Risk factors

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Help and Resources

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People at Risk

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