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Quartiers 21 Programme FAQ

Where does the name Quartiers 21 come from? 

Quartiers 21 projects draw their inspiration and take their name from Agenda 21, the global Action Plan for the 21st Century” adopted in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Agenda 21's purpose is to promote sustainable development initiatives through action at regional and local levels, which are called upon to adopt their own Agenda 21 tailored to their needs and specific characteristics. 

Who runs the Quartiers 21 projects? 

The projects are carried out by a community organization or grouping of community organizations including Éco-quartiers and the community tables or local revitalization committees. 

How long does funding for Quartiers 21 projects last? 

Quartiers 21 projects receive financial support from the Direction de santé publique and the Ville de Montréal over a three-year period. 

What are the priority areas of activity for Quartier 21 projects? 

The priority areas of activity are: 

  • beautification (e.g., greening);
  • Installation of infrastructures that encourage active transportation (e.g., bike racks);
  • safer movement of pedestrians and cyclists (e.g., traffic abatement measures);
  • urban safety (e.g., better lighting);
  • local business development (e.g., public markets);
  • protection and enhancement of natural environments; and
  • composting, rainwater recovery and the promotion of energy efficiency.

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Last Update : 05 March 2020