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Survey of the health of Montrealers


In this series of publications, Montréal’s regional public health department wishes to explore certain aspects of Montrealers’ health, in this time of COVID-19.

The goal of the series is to go beyond the day-to-day numbers to show the repercussions of the pandemic on the lives and health of people, whether through further analysis of cases and deaths linked to COVID-19 or by shining a light on social inequalities. As the situation evolves, it is important to monitor Montrealers’ health, especially their mental health, and its determinants, so as to respond to emerging needs in a timely fashion. New publications on various themes will be released periodically.

The themes have been chosen based on public health issues that are prioritized, but also on availability of information. It isn’t possible to comprehensively document the impacts of the pandemic in this series; however, an overview of some of the highlights can be provided.

Inequality during the pandemic: Racialized populations

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t affect all social groups equally. At this time in Québec, it is impossible to establish the exact number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 by ethnocultural group.

Men and women unequal when it comes to COVID-19

Has the pandemic affected men and women equally? Pandemic-related gender differences have been observed in other countries around the world. But what about Montreal? 

The pandemic's impact on our emotional health

We are all going through an unprecedented time that has forced us to adapt, deal with new constraints, and follow public health recommendations that are constantly changing.

COVID-19: Increase in the number of deaths beginning in the first months of the pandemic

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the total number of deaths among Montrealers was higher than in previous years.

COVID-19 is hitting harder in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods on the island of Montréal

As of May 16th, there were 2.5 times more people with COVID-19 in Montréal’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods than in the most affluent ones. 

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Last Update : 24 September 2020