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Want to help (COVID-19)!


Are you a volunteer?

Many people want to offer help to those who need it the most during this time of physical distancing and isolation. Now more than ever, initiatives designed to help people in need are important.

To maximize the impact of those initiatives and reduce the risks of spreading the virus, it is essential that each group take the right precautions and follow public health recommendations: the recommendations quickly
change as the situation evolves.

See these recommandations to protect yourself and the people you help (PDF) was put in place mainly for public awarness, and in hopes of flattening the curve and minimizing the spread of COVID-19, by informing Canadians and the health system of the current situation. This website is based on a voluntary participation. Every person who fills out the form helps the representativeness of the information found on the website. 

The information allows monitoring the evolution in the population, without identifying specific individuals. Everyone is encouraged to participate, specially people who have symptoms of COVID-19.

Contribute to flattening the curve


Share your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic

The COHESION study, led by a team of Canadian researchers, assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadians across the country. The team wishes to better understand how our daily activities, social interactions and mental health will have been affected during and after the pandemic through online questionnaires and mobile application.
Results will be shared with decision makers and public health experts to guide and inform ongoing and future public health interventions for communities and individuals alike.

How can you participate?

If you are 15 and over, living in Canada, you can participate!

You can choose how you would like to participate:

- You can complete online weekly surveys during the pandemic and 6 months following the end of confinement measures.
- In addition, you can download our smartphone application that collects information on your mobility, physical activity levels and social contacts.

Visit to participate!
For any information or questions, please send an email to


Participate in the Cocorona study

You have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you could be eligible to participate in the government-funded clinical trial called

Je bénévole

Become a volunteer: sign up online at (in French only)

Je contribue

Anyone who has experience or training in health or the social services who wishes to lend a hand to deal with the spread of COVID-19 is invited to fill the form on the website Je contribue COVID-19 (in French only).

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Last Update : 17 July 2020