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Youth Centres

Also called Child and youth protection centres (CPEJ)
or rehabilitation centres for youth in difficulty

Youth centres offer a range of specialized services for young people and families who are experiencing difficulties, endangering children and adolescents’ security and development.

These services are often put in place after a situation is reported to youth protection services (DPJ). Professionals in youth centres work in a variety of disciplines including social work, psychoeducation, criminology, psychology, special ed, nursing and others. Services are designed to help young people and their families find stability and ensure the protection of children and youth.

Services offered are as follows:

  • Social emergency interventions when required (under the Youth Protection Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act)
  • Individual and family psychosocial services
  • Rehabilitation services, with or without placement settings
  • Family mediation, expertise to Superior Court related to child custody, adoption and search for biological antecedents
  • Intermediate and family-type resources
  • Support for transition into adulthood

Youth centres in Montréal

There are two youth centres in Montréal: one for French-speaking individuals and another for English-speakers: ·

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Last Update : 27 September 2020