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A world first interventional cardiology at the MUHC: a jackhammer to heal the heart

Première mondiale en cardiologie au CUSM : un « marteau-piqueur » pour guérir le cœur

Thanks to its "hammer effect", a new guide wire could help in the revascularization of coronary arteries

Calcium that builds and blocks the arteries of the heart is the sworn enemy of interventional cardiologists (doctors specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular disease through catheter-based procedures). In fact, the level of calcification has a direct influence on the success rate, length and risk of complications of the nonsurgical procedure to clear completely blocked arteries, better known as a chronic total occlusion (CTO) angioplasty. However, a guide wire being tested for the first time at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) could help practitioners overcome the technical challenges of this procedure, making it the not only faster and easier, but also safer for the patient. The new device could lower the risk of complications and the need for open heart surgery (bypass surgery).

"This wire could mean the difference between the success and failure of a CTO angioplasty because it will be able to break through areas where other guides fail to penetrate. It will clear the way and allow us to treat the diseased artery," says Dr. Stéphane Rinfret, chief of Interventional Cardiology at the MUHC and a physician specialized in complex angioplasties.

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Public, News, Professionnel, Actualités, Centre universitaire de santé McGill (CUSM)

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Last Update : 03 April 2020