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The Ville de Montréal, in collaboration with industries using hazardous materials, is working to establish an effective alert procedure intended to reduce the risks associated with a major industrial accident. As such, the Centre de sécurité civile of Montréal, in collaboration with the participating industries, planned a public alert exercise by way of a siren test, the details of wich are provided below.

Since the propagation of sound is influenced by meteorological conditions, it is possible that all pesons situated within hearing range (as indicates ont the map presented below) will actually hear the siren. Futhermore, it is normal for persons who are indoors to not hear the siren. the purpose of the siren is to warn persons situated outdoors that they must take shelter. Persons situated indoors will be alerted by radio and television.

The test

This siren test aimes to assure the proper functioning of actual sirens as well as the state of preparedness of all emergency first responders. Attached herewith is an information pamphlet intended to remind the public of the appropriate actions to take in the event of a major industrial accident and the activation of an alert siren.


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Last Update : 13 July 2020