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Active transportation - Sometimes all it takes are simple tips to prevent health problems.

Have a healthy summer!

Sometimes all it takes are simple tips to prevent health problems.

Whether you walk, bike or run, use a scooter, rollerblades, skateboard, RipStik casterboard) or even a unicycle, all are modes of transportation that require your own energy to get around. That’s what’s called active transportation.

Regular physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. 

Active transportation and public transportation (metro, bus, train) are good for your health and the environment. 

This summer use active transportation and leave the car at home!




Call Info-Santé/Info-Social at 8-1-1 if you have any questions about your health or the health of a loved one. 

Is your life or the life of someone you know in danger? Call 9-1-1.

Go to to find out more and to see the list of walk-in clinics that are open evenings and weekends.


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Last Update : 21 June 2019