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Bien dans mes baskets

Photo de l'affiche du film

Bien dans mes baskets is a psychosocial development program that uses extracurricular basketball as a prevention intervention tool with young adolescents at high risk of dropping out of school. The project is the outcome of a collaboration between the health and social services and the education networks.

Founded by social worker Martin Dusseault, the program Bien dans mes baskets is offered at Jeanne-Mance high school; it is unique of is kind in Québec and Canada. Various stakeholders are involved in this intervention program, including young people and their families, educators and the community.

A documentary about the program, called Martin et les Dragons, has been made. It presents a year in the lives of a social worker, Martin Dusseault, and of a group of troubled youth at Jeanne-Mance high school in Montréal. Martin Dusseault works with youth with academic and social difficulties. He set up Bien dans mes Baskets, a unique social intervention program that uses basketball as an intervention tool. The documentary shows the importance of commitment to help youth take charge of their lives.

Public, Children's Health, Social Services, News, Professionnel

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Last Update : 27 February 2020