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Cannabis and the holidays

6 tips to avoid bad experiences

The holiday season is here. Many people might use cannabis during this festive season, some for the first time  Here are 6 simple tips to avoid bad experiences:

1. Opt for high-quality products

Buy from legal outlets. In addition to knowing THC and CBD levels, you will also be sure the cannabis doesn’t contain banned pesticides or mould. You will also avoid the very dangerous synthetic forms available on the black market.

2. Know your limits

Cannabis affects people differently. Choose products with lower THC levels. In high doses, THC can produce intense effects and make you feel bad (rapid heart beat, anxiety, disorientation).

3. Save your lungs

If you smoke cannabis, don’t hold the smoke in your lungs. Taking a big hit and holding it in as long as possible won’t make you higher. Don’t mix tobacco with cannabis: nicotine is very addictive.

4. Go easy on edibles

It takes longer to feel the effects of edible cannabis, but the feelings last longer. Start with low doses and wait until you feel the effects before taking more. Keep edibles in a safe place to prevent children and pets from accidentally eating them.

5. Be careful with mixes

Combining alcohol and cannabis increases the effects of both substances. Mixes can make you sick or dizzy, or cause you to vomit. Cannabis may interact with medications that you take. Talk about it with a health professional.

6. Plan how you’ll get home

Cannabis increases reaction times and reduces attention. If you use cannabis, make sure to have a designated driver, take a taxi or use public transit.



Public, Prevention, News, Direction de santé publique

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Last Update : 09 April 2020