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During spring break… make sure there's time without screens...

Pendant la semaine de relâche… prévoyez du temps sans écrans

Enjoy some playtime

Did you know that screen time includes time spent in front of a TV, gaming console, computer, tablet or cell phone?

Children can learn many good things from technology, but they learn more from spending time with their parents and close ones. Technology can take away from time that could be spent playing and being with family.

Children that have too much screen time are at risk for becoming overweight, sleep-deprived, less school-ready, less attentive, and less able to self-soothe. Also, very little physical energy is exerted during screen time.

Here are some tips to set limit to screen time and help build healthy habits for the future

  • Keep devices in a common area to help you control when and how your child uses screen time. Watch and talk to your child while they are using screens. It is important for you to know how your child is using technology.
  • Choose content that is right for your child’s age.
  • Turn off screens one hour before bed to help your child fall asleep easier.
  • Turn off screens during mealtimes and other times when they are not necessary.

During spring break, why not play in the snow? Here are some ideas for activities

  • Make a large target on a piece of cardboard. Hang it to a tree and throw snowballs at it to hit the bullseye.
  • Freeze coloured ice cubes using food coloring. Go outside and hide the cubes in the snow. Have your child use scoops or spoons to dig and find the coloured ice cubes.
  • String cranberries, cereal and popcorn on a thread or fishing line. Hang it in the trees to attract the birds. Watch and count how many different kinds of birds you attract.

To learn more and for more ideas of fun and easy activities to do with kids, consult the Public Health Agency of Canada’s web page on screen time.

Source : Health Canada et Public Health Agency of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

Public, Children's Health, News

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Last Update : 11 July 2020