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First heat wave in Montréal

Première canicule à Montréal

A reminder from the public health department about preventive measures

Québec will experience its first heat wave very early this year. In Montréal, the temperature will surpass 30 °C during the next three days. The Montreal public health department would like to remind the public of preventive measures to take to avoid heat-related health problems. These measures are effective, even during a pandemic. 

  • Drink a lot of water, even before you feel thirsty.
  • Spend 2 to 3 hours a day in a cool, preferably air-conditioned place.
  • Take at least 1 shower or bath a day, or wet your skin with a damp towel several times a day.
  • Reduce physical effort. 
  • Never leave a child alone in a car or poorly ventilated room.

Public health also recommends that people get in touch friends and family members who are elderly or who suffer from physical or mental health problems, to make sure they are doing well.

Who is at risk?

When it's very hot, anyone can suffer from health problems such as dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, discomfort and heatstroke. 

Some people are more vulnerable and can see their health deteriorate quickly:

  • People aged 65 or over
  • People with diabetes or chronic heart, lung or kidney diseases
  • People with mental health problems (especially schizophrenia and alcohol or drug addiction)
  • Children aged 0 to 4 years

People who live in heat islands are also a greater risk. 


For more information, see!

See the map of play fountains and air-conditioned public places in the City of Montreal.




Public, Summer, Prevention, News, Heat, Professionnel, Direction de santé publique

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Last Update : 06 July 2020