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Are you showing your bones enough love? Osteoporosis Awareness Month is a time to reflect on the importance of muscular skeletal health

”People often don't think of their bones unless they have a fracture,” says Dr. Suzanne Morin, clinician scientist at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). “We want people to think about their bones at a much earlier age, and we want them to be active. It's much easier to get yourself into an exercise program or change your diet when you're younger; it's a habit you have to get into.”

Dr. Morin is a research leader at the MUHC. To learn more about her exciting work, take a look at our exclusive Q&A where we discuss her research projects and expertise.

Dr. Morin, whose main research interest is health-related outcomes of osteoporosis, explains that while muscular skeletal health relies slightly on genes, there are plenty of ways we can take control of our bone health, namely staying active and eating well. Dr. Morin says that it’s the common prescription that most doctors and healthcare workers prescribe, and they do so because it truly works.

Interested in learning how to have a better relationship with your bones? Have a look at the infographic below with some tips and tricks to keep your skeleton happy and healthy.


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Soruce : McGill University Health Centre

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Last Update : 13 July 2020