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How are Québec’s young children doing?

Rapport 2017

This portrait describes the health and development of 0- to 5-year-old children in Québec at a specific point in time. It looks at the conditions in which children are born, their physical and mental health, and their development.

In general, conditions have improved for kids born in the past 30 years. Their physical health has also improved over the past 10 years with regard to asthma, unintentional injuries and infectious diseases.

It is possible to work collectively for all the little ones. The scientific literature shows that with collective leverage, we can foster young children’s health, well-being and development by improving their socioeconomic environments and access to health services or quality educational daycare services, providing better training for professionals and better support for parents, and through awareness campaigns.

Public, Children's Health, Health A-Z

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Last Update : 28 September 2020