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How to protect an incapable loved one

Has a loved one approached you with the “big question”: whether you’d protect them if they one day became incapable? This wouldn’t be surprising since a survey found that 9 in 10 Québecers would want a family member, spouse or friend to make decisions for them if they became incapable. Did you also know that the same number of Québecers say they would accept the responsibility? If ever you’re asked, say yes!

You have questions about protecting an incapable person? Contact Curateur public du Québec!

Four questions to ask yourself in order to protect an incapable loved one

  • A loved one can no longer take care of themselves or their property. What’s the first thing I need to do?
  • Is the support of the incapable person’s family enough to protect them?
  • What can I do to protect an incapable person?
  • What are the responsibilities of someone who is acting as protector for an incapable person?

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