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Ice-related injuries: Urgences-santé on high alert

Chutes sur la glace - Urgences-santé en mode « alerte »

Important advice

Urgences-santé is currently receiving three times the normal volume of calls because of inclement weather in the Montréal and Laval areas. Urgences-santé had been in a state of readiness for the previous two days and mobilized quickly as soon as the anticipated increase in calls began to materialize. Urgences-santé is asking the public not to go outside if it’s not essential and to call 9-1-1 only in a critical emergency.

Urgences-santé is asking the public to help emergency responders by following these guidelines:

  • Don’t go outside unless you have to and be very careful if you do

  • Make sure your home is accessible, spread abrasive on your walk and outdoor stairs, and do the same for any neighbours who are frail or elderly

  • Cede the right of way to ambulances

  • For any non-emergency situation, call the Info-Santé health line (8-1-1)


Public, Winter, News, Réseau de la santé

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Last Update : 19 July 2019