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In this World No Tobacco Day, a reminder that a network of partners works to support smokers through the cessation process.

A range of free services are available. Whether online, over the phone or in person, there are solutions to help smokers quit.

When cessation services and pharmacological aids (e.g. patches and nicotine gum or lozenges, as needed) are combined, smokers are four times more likely to successfully quit.

Quit-Smoking Centres, which are linked to CLSCs, provide free quality services to help smokers who want to stop using tobacco products.

NEW! You can now book an appointment online!

Quitting smoking is possible! Coaches are trained to help you go through the process at your own pace. Book an appointment online today to quit smoking.

More Montrealers are quitting for good

Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of premature illness and death?

  • Currently, 1 in 5 Montrealers smoke.
  • Smokers live an average of 10 years less than non-smokers.
  • 1 in 2 smokers dies from a tobacco-related disease.
  • Smokers who quit at age 30 gain back those 10 years of life.
  • Smokers who quit at age 60 gain 3 years of life.

2400 people die from tobacco-related causes in Montréal each year: that’s 44 full STM buses!

Targets for 2021

To improve and protect population health, Montréal’s public health department is working with its partners from the health network and from Smoke-Free Montréal to reduce the number of smokers and increase the number of smokers who quit.

Current situation in Montréal Targets for 2021
1 in 5 people smoke (19%) Reduce to 1 in 7 people (14%)
1 in 13 smokers (8%) quit every year Increase to 1 in 10 people (11%) a year who quit smoking

Quitting smoking is possible! Book an appointment online today to quit smoking.

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Last Update : 05 April 2020