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Tempête de neige importante! Évitez l'intoxication au monoxyde de carbone

Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

On the eve of a major snowstorm, Montréal's regional public health department would like to remind the public of measures to take to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Clear off your car before starting it

Before starting the engine, remove the snow around the tailpipe and all around the car. This will prevent exhaust from accumulating under the vehicle and seeping into your car in dangerous, even potentially deadly concentrations.

Get a carbon monoxide alarm

It is strongly recommended to install a CO alarm in homes with natural gas, oil or wood burning appliances. Also, have your heating system checked by a professional each year.

If there is a power failure, never use a fuel-burning back-up heating appliance indoors. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuel such as oil, natural gas, wood, kerosene, coal or propane is burned.


  • 2/3 of homes in Montréal have at least one source of carbon monoxide
  • 1/3 of these homes have carbon monoxide alarms


Since exhaust fumes are toxic, public health also recommends installing a carbon monoxide alarm if your home has an attached garage or is above an indoor parking garage.

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Last Update : 21 May 2019