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Ouvert ou fermé durant la fête nationale du Québec et la fête du Canada?

Health problem? There are other options than the emergency rooms

Some facilities are closed for the statutory holidays of Fête Nationale (Monday, June 24) and Canada Day (July 1).

Health problems don’t only happen during times when you can reach your family doctor.

If you're sick or worried about your health or the health of a loved one during a statutory holiday, other options than the emergency room are available.

Info-Santé 8-1-1

Info-Santé nurses are available 24/7 to answer day-to-day health questions and guide you regarding when to seek medical help and where to go for help.


If you need to see a doctor, many clinics have long opening hours (12 hours a day) and are open weekends (8 hours a day). You can see a doctor, get x-rays or have blood tests, if your case is urgent.

Open or closed?

To find out what resources are available in Montréal, visit your district’s Web site or call before going there:

Need psychosocial support?

Are you feeling anxious or going through a difficult period? Call Info-Social at 8-1-1.

Info-Social is a free, confidential psychosocial helpline. A social worker will answer your questions, give you advice and direct you to the right resource, if necessary.

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Last Update : 31 March 2020