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Outdoor dance events: stay healthy!

Événements de danse en plein air : restez en santé!

You can entertain yourself and socialize with others while staying safe from COVID-19

Keep in mind that any contact within 2 metres without adequate protection is at risk of coronavirus transmission.

  • Outdoor social dancing is a risky activity.
  • You shouldn't dance at a distance of less than 2 metres with partners who do not live in the same household as you.

However, if you still decide to participate in such an event, follow these guidelines to minimize your risk of getting or spreading the virus

  • Do not go to the events if
    - You have symptoms of COVID-19 
    - You have come in contact with a case of COVID-19 
    - You have returned from a trip abroad less than 14 days ago 
    - If the public health department has asked you to self-isolate
  • Have only one dance partner for the entire event, and from one event to another. Ideally, only dance with someone who lives in your household. 
  • If this is not possible, dance only with the same small group of people.  
  • Wear a mask or face covering at all times if the 2-metre distance between people is not respected (dancing in pairs), unless you are dancing with someone who lives in the same household as you. 
  • Keep a distance of 2 meters between couples.
  • Have several masks or face coverings with you in case the mask you're wearing gets wet during the activity and you need to change it. 
  • Wash your hands regularly before, during, and at the end of the event.  
  • Don't sing or shout during the event.  

For event organizers

  • Keep a list of all participants for 14 days after the event.
  • To allow for the 2-metre distance, limit the number of participants according to the size of the meeting place.

If you are concerned about COVID 19 or if you have symptoms of flu, gastroenteritis or COVID 19, you can call 514-644-4545 or 1-877-644-4545 (toll free) elsewhere in Québec, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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Last Update : 24 September 2020