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Participate in the creation of the Health component of Quebec 's Digital Strategy!

Objectif numérique : devenez cocréateur de la Stratégie! Consultations en cours

As part of the Stratégie numérique du Québec (Quebec’s digital strategy), the Government of Quebec has established a platform for collaboration to consult the public to determine their concerns, needs, and expectations regarding the new course the province must follow with respect to the global digital revolution. 

All citizens are encouraged to help co-create the digital strategy and actively take part in Quebec’s social, economic, and technological advancement regardless of their level of knowledge or use of digital technologies, either for personal or professional use. 

You are invited to voice your opinion on health and digital technologies, as well as six other priority topics.  

Spread the word and participate in large numbers! 

Public, News, Health Services, Prevention

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Last Update : 31 March 2020