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Places open to breastfeeding

Établissements ouverts à l’allaitement - La route du lait

Are you familiar with the Milky Way, or Route du lait?

Nourri-Source Montréal, a partner of the Montréal regional public health department, has developed a tool to help families find places where they can stop to breastfeed their babies as they move around Montréal.


  • The Milky Way is a group of public and commercial sites that are open to breastfeeding. Mothers can go into those places to breastfeed their children.
  • Nourri-Source Montréal is rolling out this initiative on the Island of Montréal.
  • The goal is to encourage and normalize breastfeeding in public places.


This is an important initiative in support of mothers who breastfeed. Many mothers report that breastfeeding in public places is still somewhat challenging.

The Milky Way is a network of businesses and public places where families can stop to nurse their babies without having to buy anything. These places are identified by a logo prominently displayed in the door.

See the interactive Milky Way map!

1301 Sherbrooke East welcomes you!

The CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal's Lafontaine building has been officially part of the Milky Way since October 1, 2018. Moms and families are welcomed into an environment that is suited to their needs. Several settings are available, depending on their needs, including the reception area, where there are sofas, or a private office.


Public, News, Professionnel, Direction de santé publique

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Last Update : 19 September 2019