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Press conference - Lead in Montréal's water

Plomb dans l'eau

The risk is low

The City of Montréal has improved its action plan to replace lead water service lines. The science-based plan involves screening and replacing all public and private lead services lines in the city. In a press conference this morning, Mayor Valérie Plante and Mylène Drouin, Montréal’s Director of Public Health, stressed the excellent quality of the city’s drinking water. Dr. Drouin also reminded us that water is the best choice for hydration.


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Recently, the issue of lead in water has been in the media. Last March, Health Canada reduced the maximum acceptable concentration of lead in water from 0.01 mg/L to 0.005 mg/L. With the announcement that it is changing its regulation, Québec becomes the first province to adopt the new federal standard. In addition, sampling methods used to estimate levels of lead in drinking water will be reviewed to meet all of Health Canada’s recommendations.

Recommendations from Montréal’s regional public health department

During the City of Montréal’s review of its action plan, the public health department recommended the following:

  • Test and fully replace all lead water service lines as quickly as possible, to protect the health of the population over the long term
  • Provide better protection measures to citizens until their lead water service lines are fully replaced; the goal is to limit financial barriers when applying these voluntarily measures and so reduce social inequalities in health. While these measures are especially important for pregnant women, infants and young children, they will also reduce the risks for the population as a whole
  • Act with transparency by informing citizens of the presence of lead water service lines across the territory and of how the intervention plan is progressing

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Last Update : 28 May 2020