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Screens and population health in Montreal

Les écrans et la santé de la population à Montréal - L’hyperconnectivité, un phénomène émergent

Hyperconnectivity: an emerging phenomenon

The world is evolving at breakneck speed. Information technologies (IT) are part of our daily lives. Montréal’s public health department of Montreal (DRSP) has looked at the place of screens in the lives of Montrealers. We need to understand that IT renewal and development result in significant changes in society and lifestyle habits.

 Public health has conducted studies on the recreational time Montrealers spend in front of their screens. This shouldn’t be confused with screen time related to work or education, for example.


Recreational screen time for grade 6 students in elementary schools in Montreal

  • Less than 2h a day (in line with recommendations): 60%
  • 2 to 4h a day: 19%
  • More than 4h a day (intense use): 21%

Recreational screen time for Montreal adults

  • Less than 2h a day: 45%
  • 2 to 4h a day: 39%
  • More than 4h a day (intense use): 16%

Difficulty sleeping, poorer mental and physical health, higher risk of school dropout and more psychological distress are examples of risks associated with intense use (more than 4h a day).

Good to know

The campaign PAUSE ton écran invites teenagers, young adults and their families to take a look at their habits and the time they spend in front of screens. This social campaign is only available in French.


Public, News, Professionnel, Direction de santé publique

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Last Update : 09 April 2020