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The Many Faces of Autism


Autism awareness month is being marked in multiple ways across Québec. This year, the Fédération Québécoise de l'Autisme (FQA) lauched its awareness campaign based on the theme “The Many Faces of Autism.” It is an opportunity to learn more about and demystify this illness.  

Many events will be held this year. See the 2016 Calendar of events to find out what is going on in your area.

What is autism? (Source: FQA)

Autism spectrum disorder is part of a group of brain developmental disorders described in the DSM-V. Onset of autism usually occurs early during childhood, but the disorder can become more obvious when a child first starts school. The term “autism spectrum disorder” has been used instead of “pervasive developmental disorder” since 2013.

Autism spectrum disorder is characterized by significant changes in two areas: persistent social interaction and communication challenges, and restricted or repetitive behaviours, activities and interests. Symptoms fall on a continuum, varying from mild to severe, limiting and interfering with daily life.

There is no consensus in the scientific community concerning what causes of autism. Autism prevalence is estimated to be 1%. ASD prevalence among children and adults in Canada is estimated at 1 in 94.

Public, Children's Health, Women's Health, Men's Health

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Last Update : 03 April 2020