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How to express your satisfaction or file a complaint

Talk it over before filing a complaint

Before filing a complaint, try discussing your problem with the staff in charge of care and services at the institution first.

Make Comments or Suggestions for Improvements Regarding the Care and Services Provided

If you would like to express your dissatisfaction and make comments or suggestions for improvements without filing a formal complaint, contact the institution’s users’ committee. This procedure is confidential.

For more information about users’ committees, consult the section Users’ Committees.

Report a Situation That You Are Concerned about, Including a Situation of Abuse

If you realize that the rights of a user or a group of users have not been respected or if you suspect a situation of abuse, you can do something about it.

File a complaint

Every effort is made to ensure the quality of the services offered by your institution. However, it is possible that you may not be satisfied with the services you have received.

Filing a complaint is a confidential procedure.

The complaint procedure can be stopped at any time.

  • The complaint examination procedure allows a user to file a verbal or written complaint about the health or social services they received, they should have received or they should receive. The verbal or written complaint is forwarded to the service quality and complaints commissioner, who will examine it.

Obtain Assistance or Support in order to File a Complaint

A number of resources can help you if you decide to file a complaint. Do not hesitate to consult or use them.

For more information about steps involved in filing a complaint, visit

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Service quality and complaints commissioner

You can obtain the commissioner’s contact Information for the Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner for Each Public Institution:


The service quality and complaints commissioner’s role

  • Examine your complaint or refer it to the relevant authority
  • Ensure your rights are respected
  • Promote the quality of services
  • Assist you in filing a complaint, if necessary, or support you in any other steps related to your complaint

User's commitee

All institutions in the health and social services network are required to have a users’ committee:


 The committee’s role is to defend users’ rights and interests. The users’ committee can:

  • Answer your questions about users’ rights with respect to health services
  • Help you file a complaint
  • Note your comments and suggestions
  • Note your dissatisfaction

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Centre d'assistance et d'accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAP)

The Centre d'assistance et d'accompagnement aux plaintes de l'Île de Montréal is a regional community organization mandated by the Minister of Health and Social Services to provide free and confidential services to assist and support you in filing a complaint.


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Last Update : 29 September 2020