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Medical imaging

[Translate to English:] Imagerie médicale

Medical imaging is a term that covers tests done in radiology and nuclear medicine to enable a doctor to confirm, rule out or clarify a diagnosis in order to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Radiology services include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), computerized axial tomography (CAT scan), Doppler ultrasound (to assess the flow of blood in arteries and veins), sonography, hysterography (x-rays of the uterus and ovarian ducts), mammography, barium enema (gastro-intestinal radiography), lung x-rays and simple limb x-rays, etc.

Nuclear medicine tests are done to examine the structure and functioning of various organs such as the heart, brain, bones, kidneys, lungs and liver.

  • A medical referral is required for all medical imaging tests.
  • You can get a requisition from your family doctor or another general practitioner.

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Last Update : 20 October 2020