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Complaints & satisfaction: users' rights

Québec's Health and Social Services Act states that all users who are dissatisfied with the health or social services they have received, or should have received, are entitled to file a complaint. 

However, users are responsible for using the services wisely and participating in their own care. A complaint can be filed by a representative of the user or by the heirs or legal representatives of a deceased user. 

Your rights as a user of health and social services are the following:

  • The right to information: 

    • on the services that are available and how to obtain them;
    • on any accident occurring during the provision of services that may have an impact on the user’s state of health;
    • so that the user can give free and informed consent to care.

  • The right to have rapid access to care: 

    • by receiving required emergency care;
    • by receiving scientifically, humanly and socially adequate health and social services in an ongoing and personalized manner;
    • by receiving services in English;
    • by choosing one's healthcare institution and healthcare professional, within the limits of the available resources and the freedom of a professional to accept or refuse to treat a patient;
    • by participating in any decision affecting one's state of health or welfare.

  • The right to decide: 

    • to be accompanied and assisted by the person of one's choice when one wishes to obtain information or take steps in relation to any service provided;
    • to leave an institution immediately after being discharged or to remain there if there is no room in another institution;
    • to be represented for the purpose of exercising a right;
    • to have access to one's file and be assured of the file's confidentiality;
    • to take recourse, file a complaint, to be informed of the complaint review procedure and to be accompanied and assisted to that end.

The right to health is not as much the right of citizens to be in good health as it is their right to benefit from facilities, programs and other means that enable them to be as healthy as possible. 

For more information, see Filing a Complaint against a Health Care Institution on the Éducaloi website.

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Last Update : 16 October 2019