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Users' rights

Know Your Rights as a User

Québec's Health and Social Services Act states that all users who are dissatisfied with the health or social services they have received, or should have received, are entitled to file a complaint. However, users are responsible for using the services wisely and participating in their own care. A complaint can be filed by a representative of the user or by the heirs or legal representatives of a deceased user. 

As a user of the health and social services network, you have the right:

  • To be informed:
    - About your health
    - About the care available to you and its effects
    - About the services available in your community and how to obtain them
  • To receive personalized health and social services that are appropriate on a scientific, human and social level
  • To be informed about any accidents that occurred when services were provided that may have consequences for your health
  • To choose the professional or institution that will provide the care and services that you need
  • To be sufficiently informed to be able to participate freely in decisions that concern you, for example, to accept or refuse care or services
  • To consult your user record, which is confidential
  • To receive emergency care
  • To be treated with courtesy, fairness and in a safe manner, with respect for your dignity, autonomy and needs
  • To receive services in English if you are an Anglophone user, as provided for in your region’s access program
  • To be supported, assisted or represented, as needed, by a person of your choice
  • To receive end-of-life care
  • If you think that your rights have not been respected:
    - To be informed about what you can do
    - To file a complaint confidentially
    - To be assisted or supported in filing a complaint

You may consult the original version of users’ rights in the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services.

You can also contact the institution’s users’ committee if you have any questions about your rights. 



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Last Update : 20 October 2020