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Active transportation is using your own power to get from one place to another.Click to zoom in

This includes all non-motorized means

  • Walking or jogging
  • Biking
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading
  • Others 

Using public transportation (bus, metro and train) help increase active transportation since people
often walk or bike to the bus stop or metro station. 


To improve your health

  • Exercising can improve concentration and performance at work or school. The pleasure that comes with exercising and feelings of well-being reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • You can meet the recommended physical activity guidelines by using active transportation 30 minutes a day.

To reduce costs

  • Biking and walking are the most accessible means of transportation. Bicycle maintenance is not very expensive and walking is free! 

To respect the environment

  • Biking and walking produce no harmful emissions.

To save time

  • Bikes are faster than cars during rush hour periods, for distances up to 5 km: no traffic jams, no parking problems when you use active transportation. You’re also getting in shape  as you save time!