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Santé Montréal

Adopting a child outside Québec (Other Canadian provinces or other country)

Planning on adopting a child?

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This type of adoption involves children living in other Canadian provinces or other country.

You must submit your request to Secrétariat à l’adoption internationale and go through several steps.

Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale

Choosing a country, selection criteria, procedures, rights and principles of adoption.


Notice to future adopters

Before contacting an individual or organization claiming to be an international adoption agent, make sure that the person or organization has been certified by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Ask to see the official document proving that the agent is duly certified.

To find out if an organization is certified, see the list of certified bodies.

Source: Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale

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Last Update : 24 October 2020