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Seeing a doctor

Are you looking for a family doctor?

Anyone looking for a family doctor can now register online. You can add your name to the waiting line at

People who had already registered and were waiting for a family doctor will be given priority. Their registration information has been securely and confidentially transferred to the new list. 

Do you need specialized medical care?

Unless the circumstances are exceptional, medical specialists only see patients referred to them by another doctor. If you think that you need to be seen by a specialist, you will have to speak with your family doctor if you have one, or to a general practitioner (GP) at a walk-in medical clinic. 

If your doctor gives you an emergency referral, he or she will make sure that you know where to go. If the referral is not urgent, your doctor or a member of the clinic's staff will give you the contact information of hospitals or clinics you'll have to call to make an appointment. Calling for the appointment will be your responsibility. 

To learn more about the various medical specialties, visit the site of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec (FMSQ).

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