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Crisis centres

Crisis centres in the Montréal region

The services are available 24/7 at the crisis centres and include consultation, evaluation, referral, follow-up and temporary accommodation. 

Crisis centres provide assistance to adults in a state of psychological or psychosocial distress and to their loved ones.

Most of the people who work in Montréal's crisis centres are professionals such as social workers, psychoeducators, delinquency counsellors and psychologists.

List of Crisis centres

What is a crisis?

A psychosocial crisis is a crisis relating to an unexpected situation that is perceived as threatening and destabilizes a person to the point of potentially putting his/her life in peril (for example, divorce, loss of job, spousal violence, bereavement, financial problems, etc.) 

A psychiatric crisis is a crisis in which the psychological state of the person changes suddenly and dramatically, resulting in a major psychological imbalance and an inability to cope with the situation and function normally (for example: panic attack, psychosis, delirium, etc.).

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