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Elder abuse and neglect

If you think you’re being mistreated

If you witness an older adult being mistreated


Confidential resources can help you get information, psychological support and medical or legal assistance for the following:

  • Psychological mistreatment - Gestures, words or attitudes harmful to psychological well-being or integrity
  • Physical mistreatment - Inappropriate gestures or actions harmful to physical well-being or integrity, or absence of appropriate actions
  • Sexual mistreatment - Non-consensual gestures, actions, words or attitudes with a sexual connotation harmful to well-being, sexual integrity, sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Material or financial mistreatment - Fraudulent, illegal, unauthorized or dishonest acquisition or use of a person’s property or legal documents, or lack of information or misinformation about financial or legal matters
  • Violation of rights - Any infringement of individual or social rights and freedoms

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Last Update : 12 November 2019