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Elder mistreatment and neglect

If you think you are being mistreated

If you witness an older adult being mistreated


Call the Elder Abuse Helpline at 1-888-489-2287

The Elder abuse Helpline (Ligne Aide Abus Aînés) provides free, bilingual and confidential listening and support to all individuals concerned by an elder mistreatment situation.

The service is accessible from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week.  

What is mistreatment towards an older adult?

A mistreatment situation may include more than one type of mistreatment. Whether it is psychological, physical, sexual, financial, material, organizational, violation of rights or ageism, the consequences of mistreatment may be serious. 

There are many types of mistreatment: 

  • Psychological mistreatment - Gestures, words or attitudes that negatively affect an individual’s psychological well-being or integrity
  • Physical mistreatment - Inappropriate gestures or actions, or absence of appropriate actions, which harm physical well-being or integrity
  • Sexual mistreatment - Non-consensual gestures, actions, words or attitudes with a sexual connotation, which are harmful to the person’s well-being, sexual integrity, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • Material or financial mistreatment - Illegal, unauthorized or dishonest acquisition or use of the older adult’s property or legal documents; lack of information or misinformation regarding financial or legal matters.
  • Violation of rightsAny infringement of individual and social rights and freedoms
  • Organizational mistreatment - Any discriminating situation created or tolerated by organizational procedure (private, public or community institutions providing all types of care and services), which compromise older adults’ ability to exercise their rights and freedoms
  • Ageism - Discrimination based on age, through hostile or negative attitudes, harmful actions or social exclusion.

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Last Update : 19 September 2020