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Elderly abuse and neglect

You think that you are being ill-treated by someone around you or you are aware of situations in which you think an elderly person is being mistreated

How can I be supported?

Confidential resources can help you get information and psychological support and medical or legal assistance.

The most common forms of elder abuse and neglect are :

  • neglect of a senior's essential needs (food, clothing, accommodation);
  • physical abuse (sexual abuse, bodily injury);
  • psychological abuse (threats, humiliation, isolation, bullying);
  • forced medical treatment;
  • material and financial abuse (misappropriation of money or misuse of property belonging to an elderly person).

Abuse and neglect may also involve social behaviours such as age discrimination and stereotypes that undermine self-esteem.

Where can I get help or ask questions?

Health problem? Make the right choice!

  1. 1


    Call 8-1-1 to talk
    to a nurse

  2. 2


    Call your doctor
    or a walk-in clinic

  3. 3


    Go to the hospital
    or call 9-1-1