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Services for Allophones

Banque interrégionale d’interprètes (BII)

People who are not very proficient in French or English can use the services of an interpreter free of charge when meeting with a health professional.

Requests for this service must be made directly to the facility. 

The BII needs you!

To offer interpretation services to the BII (self-employed or freelance), you must

  • Review the eligibility criteria
  • Email us your CV
  • Qualify

BII interpreters must attend a mandatory orientation session and accept to use Jérôme+, a Web-based tool, to follow-up on requests for interpretation services. To contact the BII, send an email to

Reference documents

Facilities that do not yet use Jérôme+ can send a request to the Banque interrégionale d’interprètes at the following address:

Services for hearing-impaired Francophones

Hearing-impaired Francophones and Anglophones can also obtain the services of an interpreter.

Hearing-impaired Francophones who would like to use the services of a Québec Sign Language (LSQ) interpreter should contact visual and tactile interpretation services:

These services are free. 
The interpreter will go on site to provide the service.

Services for hearing-impaired Anglophones

Hearing-impaired Anglophones who would like to obtain the services of an American Sign Language (LSQ) interpreter should contact the Metropolitan Montréal Deaf Community Centre by:

  • Email:
  • Tel. : 514-285-2200 (telecommunications device for the deaf)

These services are free.

The interpreter will go on site to do the work. 

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Last Update : 28 October 2019