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Poison Control Centre

Someone has been intoxicated or poisoned? There's not a minute to lose. Call 1-800-463-5060.

What is the Poison Control Centre?

The Poison Control Centre (Centre antipoison) is an emergency telephone service available 24/7. 

The Centre answers questions relating to the following situations:

  • cases of acute poisoning, actual or suspected;
  • exposure to toxic domestic or industrial products, pesticides and poisonous mushrooms, drugs or venomous animals;
  • ingestion or inhalation of a chemical;
  • exposure of the skin or eyes to a chemical product;
  • improper use of a medication;
  • work accidents involving acute exposure to a toxic product; and
  • requests for information on a toxic product;

Note that the Centre antipoison du Québec does NOT answer questions about:

  • infections; 
  • electrocution;
  • bites of non-venomous animals;
  • allergies;
  • poisoning of an animal;
  • chronic poisoning; or
  • ingestion of a non-toxic object;

If you or someone you know has swallowed a non-toxic object, contact Info-Santé by dialing 811

What to do if someone is poisoned?

Stay calm. And… 

If a toxic product has been swallowed (in french only)

If a toxic product has come in contact with the eyes (in french only)

If a toxic product has come in contact with the skin (in french only)

If a toxic product has been inhaled (in french only)

In summary 

Call the Centre antipoison without delay: 1 800 463-5060
Don't wait until the person is sick or in serious condition before calling. 

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