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In Québec, French is the official language of public administration. Consequently, all health and social services institutions in the province offer their services in French. However, some people are more comfortable communicating in English, and they have the right to ask to receive services in English. The Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services ensures that a broad range of health services is accessible in English.

The English-speaking clientele of Montréal has access to services provided by the following rehabilitation centres based off-island: 

The revision of the Regulation respecting the Provincial Committee on the dispensing of health and social services in the English language was published in the July 19 edition of the Gazette officielle in advance of its entry into force later this year.

Consult the draft regulation (PDF) (In French Only)

Anyone interested in submitting comments about this revised regulation must do so in writing within 45 days. Please send your comments to the Minister of Health and Social Services, 1075 Sainte-Foy Road, 15th Floor, Québec City, Quebec  G1S 2M1.


Québec's Health and Social Services Act requires all health institutions to provide their services in French. 

However, because some people are more comfortable expressing their needs in English and wish to receive services in that language, the Act contains provisions making a range of health and social services available in English. 

As a result, each health and social service agency must develop a programme of access to services in the English language specifying the obligations of institutions to make services available in English, in accordance with their human, material and financial resources and the relevant legislation (Sections 1, 4 and 29.1 of the Charter of the French Language). 

In Montréal, 49 institutions are covered by this programme and must offer some or all of their services in English.

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Last Update : 23 January 2020