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Titre:  STAND UP! A Fall Prevention Program for Seniors. Instructor's Guide, 2011 Edition. Fall Prevention Within a Continuum of Care for Seniors Living at Home

2011 | 369 pages

Auteur(s) : Francine Trickey, Manon Parisien, Sophie Laforest, Carole Genest, Yvonne Robitaille, Eudoxie Adopo

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The goal of the STAND UP! program is to prevent falls and fractures among autonomous seniors who live in the community and are concerned about falling or about their balance.


Fall prevention interventions are often intended for frail elderly people and are conducted in contexts that are not always well-suited to community-based activities. STAND UP! was designed to be as intensive as clinical interventions while being accessible to a large number of seniors living at home.


The objectives of the program are


  • to improve balance and leg strength;
  • to develop the ability to make adjustments in the home and adopt safe behaviours;
  • to enhance a feeling of effectiveness related to fall prevention;
  • to help maintain bone density in sites that are most vulnerable to fracture (wrists, hips, and backbone);
  • to encourage the practice of regular physical activity.

STAND UP! is designed to be offered to groups of 10 to 15 participants. To ensure that program objectives are met and participants supervised adequately, a professional who can lead group physical exercises with elderly people should be in charge. 


One-day training sessions for future instructors of the STAND UP! program are available. These training sessions are very helpful. Participants understand the essential elements of the program and collect a great deal of useful information about the exercises and prevention sessions.


The STAND UP! program has been proven effective and falls within the continuum of preventive services for seniors. This publication comes with a CD containing documents for the facilitator and for participants.

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Sujet(s) traité(s) : Aînés, Santé publique

ISBN 978-2-89673-121-3 ( version imprimée )